Why a Consultant?

Many small businesses and start-ups have a similar problem facing them. They are operating with limited cash resources. Thus, the last thing many small business owners consider spending those limited cash resources on is a management consultant.

I dealt with that conundrum while operating 2 restaurants I had started after working 20 years as a consultant. The consultant in me made me realize I needed to practice what I had been preaching to clients. When your business is under cash constraints, every day you put off getting a "second opinion" is another day cash flows out the door that could have been better utilized.

Some professionals -like myself- who understand the underlying issues facing small businesses, provide these "second opinions" at little or no cost-with the understanding the new client will sign a contract for management assistance to implement the proposed remedy.

As with mediation, where each case presents different obstacles, each small business faces its own cash constraints that sometimes are only obvious to an independent observer. So for advice on improving working capital or options for raising capital - "Why NOT hire a Consultant?"

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