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Tom Williams


Williams Management (WM), the predecessor to Williams Mediation Management was formed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1991 by Tom Williams. WM was retained by several early stage U.S. businesses to create and implement business plans and assist in raising capital. WM also was the platform from which Tom served as the interim COO for two of these startups.

WM also co-owned Rock Creek Restaurants (RC), a group of restaurants in metropolitan Washington, DC. RC focused on creating nutritionally balanced meals with fresh ingredients and fewer calories, an innovative concept that numerous restaurants have now replicated. The endorsement of the concept by the director of the NIH at the time, led to the decision to base RC in the Washington DC area and led to Tom moving there in 2003 to focus entirely on its operations.

In 2011, WM sold RC and Williams returned to his Winston-Salem, NC birthplace where he took over as the 24/7 caregiver for his 90-year-old parents. After the passing of his parents, Williams became a certified Superior Court Mediator in the state of North Carolina, which led to relaunching WM as Williams Mediation & Management (WMM) in 2018.

With the onset of Covid and the change to remote mediations in 2020, WMM pivoted using the knowledge Tom retained as a psychology major at Duke and his experience operating Lone Eagle Corporation (LEC). Tom created LEC during his Wyoming years to develop and implement marketing strategies for non-profits. That experience, added to existing connections with non-profits in Winston-Salem and Charlotte, his Talking with Tom initiative, and Tom's role on the City's Affordable Housing Coalition all serve as the springboard for the new focus of WMM - 3H (Health, Housing and Hunger).

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